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Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center’s medication assisted treatment has helped countless men and women defeat their addictions to opioids.

The success of our programming is rooted in our all-encompassing approach to treating opioid dependency. By combining specific medications with therapeutic interventions, our center provides the care that our clients need to achieve the opioid-free lives they desire. Additionally, the unique treatment experience at our center features customized plans of action to help each individual reach his or her treatment goals.

Given the fact that treatment at Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center is highly individualized, the cost for services rendered can vary depending on the needs of each patient. Based on the treatment requirements of those entrusted into our care, the medication recommended and the type and frequency of therapies can vary. All of these elements can ultimately affect the cost of treatment.

Before a patient begins treatment at our center, the price for treatment will be discussed first, as we want our patients to be as prepared as possible for any expenses they should accrue.

The listed payment information is important for prospective patients to keep in mind when considering treatment at Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center:

  • We can accept cash as payment for treatment.
  • We do not accept personal checks or payments over the phone.
  • We do accept major credit cards, however, we do not accept Discover or American Express credit cards.
  • Our staff can verify your or your loved one’s insurance benefits to see if insurance will cover the cost for care at our center.
  • The price of your prescription can vary and is a separate expense.
  • They accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and merigroup Medicaid.
  • They will accept Amerigroup, BlueCare and United Healthcare.
  • The clinic will be able to check their eligibility at admission\
  • Patients will need to bring their insurance card (if they have it) and an ID

If you or your loved one would like more information pertaining to treatment costs at Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center, you or your loved one can contact our staff to have any questions answered. We are happy to help you or someone you care about in the pursuit of a truly recovered life. So let us, at Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center, assist you in making that changes needed to have a happier, healthier tomorrow.