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Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center: Methadone & Suboxone Clinic

Thank you for considering Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center as your opioid addiction treatment provider of choice during this tumultuous time. We understand that the process of seeking care for an opioid addiction is one that can involve a great deal of apprehension and we commend you for making that first brave step towards recovery by seeking treatment. At Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center, we are dedicated to helping men and women achieve the opioid-free lives they deserve to be living by offering top notch treatment in the most supportive and caring environment possible.

For many individuals, trying to defeat addictions to opioids such as heroin or prescription painkillers without the help of professionals can mean continuing the perilous cycle of substance abuse. When an opioid addiction remains constant in an individual’s life, the future can seem bleak and the risk of overdose remains ever-present. At Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center, we want to help you or someone you love regain control and overcome opioid dependency. Tomorrow can be a better day, and we want to help you or your loved one realize that.

Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center offers programming tailored specifically to the needs of men and women, ages 18 and older, who wish to break free from their addictions to opioids. Our medication assisted treatment couples medication with therapeutic interventions that are effective in treating chemical dependency and restoring the good health and wellbeing of each person who comes through our doors. We want to help you or someone you care about win the war against addiction, and we will do all that we can to ensure that a drug-free future is within each person’s grasp.

Volunteer Testimonial

I was at rock bottom, but thanks to the program and the staff at Volunteer Treatment Center I was able to get a second chance at my career and my life.

- Volunteer Patient